Monday, June 7, 2010


June Thought: "Acceptable In His Sight"

Read; Luke 7:36-50; Mark 14:3-9; Matthew 26:6-13; John 11:2

And He (Jesus) turned to the woman, and said unto Simon, Seest thou this woman?

(Luke 7:44a)

A woman broke out of her comfort zone, took all that she had, and poured it upon Jesus. Imagine the pointed eyes and whispered words as she made her way to Jesus. She had not received an invitation, so in a sense, this woman bogarted her way in. Imagine her chagrin as she saw the stares on the faces of those within the church (the disciples) and those outside the camp, Simon, the leper. She kept on moving until she reached Jesus. You could cut the animosity in the air with a knife.

But, this woman kept on going until she got to her Savior. She fell before him. She bowed at his dirty feet and kissed them. She washed them with her tears and anointed them with precious oils. She took her glory and used it to wipe his feet. Some say that it was Mary of Bethany, who laid her glory (her hair) at Jesus' feet. You know a woman's hair is her glory, don't you? I imagine that this woman knew how to exchange her own glory for the Glory of the Lord. Perhaps, she shows us here how to release ourselves -- our minds -- to take on the Mind of Christ. She went beyond the norm.

She poured all of herself on the One who gave Himself for her. This woman knew how to worship. When those around her thought she was displaying inappropriate actions, even then she prostrated herself in love. She shows us how to walk through disdain, criticism, and arrogance to get to the lover of our soul. She knew that it was more important to get into the presence of the LORD, than to be acceptable to man.

Jesus looks at her. She had a face to face confrontation with LOVE. Because she dared to show up with her best, Jesus used her as a demonstration. He speaks to Simon, but He LOOKS at the woman.

Jesus saw her, and then he told Simon to look at her. To give God the glory, usually means that He will glorify himself through you. In worship God sees you. When worship is acceptable to the Lord, He makes others pay attention, too?

(Printed in God's Woman 14 Month Calendar©)

Thoughts for Discussion:

Who is it that you feel acts inappropriately by talking about Jesus too much?

How bold is your own witness?

What is the best you will give for Jesus?