Monday, August 2, 2010

Rhoda: The Open Door; Acts 12:13-15

A young girl, Rhoda, was in attendance at a prayer meeting. They were gathered together to pray for the release of Peter from prison. While they were praying there was knock at the door. Rhoda went to answer. I can imagine a conversation like this, "who is it", Rhoda apparently asked. The voice on the other side of the door answered, "It's me, Peter."

Rhoda got so excited, she ran to tell the others that the Lord had heard their prayers. But, she didn't open the door.

Isn't that how we sometimes react. We pray. We say we believe. We even praise and shout before our victories are seen. But, we don't receive the manifestation of our prayers because we neglect to open the door. We cease to follow through.

We share the anticipated blessing with those who are praying with us. Many times, although they have prayed with us, they still do not anticipate God's answer. Since we don't always know what the answer will look like when it appears, we often overlook our answer. And, many times our prayers are taken hostage by our religious language. Prayers using language such as, "if it is God's will," appears to be humble. However, if we know God's will we can pray His will. To pray otherwise leaves room for doubt, which I believe is hidden in false humility. God has shared through his word what He plans for us; they are plans for good and not for evil. We should be excited about a prayer hearing God. But to gain true victory, we have to follow through. We must open the door of our understanding and let faith all the way in.

On the other side of the door Peter was still knocking. He was obviously aware of the fact that if we knock the doors will be opened. Peter, the one whose shadow healed in Jesus' name was not invited in. Even though he was the answer to prayer he stood on the other side of the door. Open the door of your faith – because on the other side is your healing. On the other side of the door stood Peter who denied our Lord three times. Open the door of faith – on the other side is forgiveness, salvation, and your calling to serve the all powerful and all knowing God.

Rhoda teaches us to get excited about the promises of God. She teaches us also to open the door and to walk through the doors of opportunity secured for us through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Ask and it shall be given, seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you, (Matthew 7:7) (Luke 11:9). God has willed it so.

copyright: 2005, God's Woman 14 Month Calendar; Deborah L. Shumake

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