Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's A Wonderful Life

Every year about this time I start looking for "It's A Wonderful Life", with James Stewart, (my favorite movie) This classic basically expresses my everyday life. Why? Well, "It's a Wonderful Life" captures the moments that I think of having dreamed a very different life.

"It's A Wonderful Life," continuously reminds me of the dreams of a little girl to become the very best teacher in the world! She would open up her own school and help others everywhere learn. And, she would write books and award winning stage plays. But, the reality of my life blessed me with 5 children before I was 23, and sent me into the world of commercial printing.

"It's A Wonderful Life" excites me because it takes me back to My Best Life
  • All things work together for GOOD for those who love the LORD and are called according to his purpose. I was purposed to be a mother. I have been blessed with 4 of the best human beings in the earth, who have brought me other daughters and a son, who are the most amazing people I know. I have been privileged to watch the birth of 10 grandchildren with another on the way. Each of them is a marvel to my mind. They have taught me a lot about faith, love and service. I wanted to be a teacher but grace made me a great student of love.
  • Trust in the LORD always and lean not unto your own understanding. When I wanted to jump into the water I discovered that I had been saved to save (in Jesus' name). All over the nation I have sisters, brothers, and children who have come to call me "Sis" and Momma Shu. They give me joy because of how they entered my life and how they moved on.
  • Be careful how you entertain strangers because you may be entertaining angels unawares. Who could have told me that the favor of God would open up so many doors for myself, for my family all over the world? Thank God for His angels in my life.
Yes I, too, am out in the World Wide Web, discussing creating your "DREAM BOARD/LIFE"; Affirming Your Life Steps and How To Get The Life That You Want. My mantra all year long is come to the "PREGNANT WITH POSSIBILITIES Conference™, we will help you DELIVER. Each year I follow those who confess that they are visionaries while believing myself to be one. I channel my thoughts through pray. I declare and I decree.

But, after dreaming my best life; after making my best plans, after following all my 1-2-3-steps, and after desiring with passion, I have learned to be open to the exceedingly, more abundantly God. I am convinced that on a particular day God saw fit to send a babe wrapped in rags with all the value of life's substance in him. He lived. He loved. He served. He died on a cross. He is resurrected. And, because of that,
  • In spite of changes in my/your plans
  • In spite of changes in my/your life
  • In spite of changes in my/your body
  • In spite of changes all around us
The confession is that this does not change: I am living "A Wonderful Life" through Christ. Merry Christmust and Happy New Year!

Deborah L. Shumake (Ja`Phia)

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