Monday, April 23, 2012

"Be The Answer To The Prayer"


Read: Genesis: 22:23; 24:1-67; 25:20; 21:28

"...and before he had done praying Rebekah appeared...." Genesis 24:15

Rebekah, the sister of Laban, enters the scene at the exact moment the servant finishes praying.  She is the answer to his prayer.  While we are praying God is orchestrating the time, the place and the person or persons to fulfill our prayer.  God's desire is to fulfill our every need.  The Lord takes great delight is entering our very desires and causing us to rejoice in the answers.  However, we must realize that the answers are wrapped up in someone's obedient.  God inevitably answers prayers in the earth through others.  

Many times as Christians we spend untold time looking for both answers and angels.  We quote scriptures that demonstrate the possibility of having an angel fulfill our needs.  We love to talk about Daniel's experience in prayer.  The angel Gabriel tells him that the moment he humbled himself he was sent to provide him with his answer.  Yet, I believe that we often miss our answers for two very pertinent reasons: 1) We expect the answer from the wrong source or 2) The person who is assigned to the answer negates God's instructions.  It is this second reason that I want us to focus on.

Our sister Rebekah simply appears in the story offering to help and serve another.  We realize that Rebekah's debut in the scriptures is a direct answer from God,"...and before he had done praying, Rebekah appeared..."  Have you ever heard to bless someone, but your own reasoning got in the way?  Have you ever reasoned that the person has enough and you are not going to add to their funds, friendships, ministry or family growth?  Has there been a time when you could have enabled another to step into another level of God's glory but you refused because you only saw yourself at that level?  Have you ever had these types of conversations with yourself:  I would but he/she isn't worthy of it; Not until I see them doing what I think they should do; I know God wouldn't tell me to do that?

The Lord hears.  The Lord answers.  The Lord challenges us to ask, "But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father, which is in secret, and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly (Matthew 6:6)."  However, the greater challenge might be who is he going to use to answer the need.  It is a joy to know that the Spirit actually breathes upon us so that we might be used as life giving answers.  When we allow God to use us as the answer to prayers heard from up high, we become the fulfillment of Jesus Christ, the anointed One.  We intervene in the lives of each other through the direction of the Holy Ghost.

Yet, we seldom view ourselves as the answer to prayers because we spend most of our time trying to get answers.  We exchange the BE or I AM of God for receiving the materials from God.  There is nothing wrong with receiving answers.  However, it can be more valuable to be the answer.  Being the answer often brings forth your own needs.  Dr. Mike Murdock says it something like this, Whatever you will make happen for someone else, God will make happen for you.  We become so engrossed in getting answers that we consciously neglect the importance of being the answer.

Rebekah's willingness to offer help to this stranger and her concern for the least of God's creatures positioned her as a special woman, and provided for her and her family to receive untold riches.  Her kindness was exemplified by a willingness to assist somebody else.  She is often used as a model for how to get a husband, but her usefulness far exceeds that.  She teaches us how to be used of God.  Her openness to hospitality (LOVE) ministers to others.  Her seeking to help someone else caused somebody else to rejoice in God.  She shows us that being open to God will lead to our receiving our own answers.  The Prayer Answering God is desiring to use you as the Answer.

" O Lord, I desire that you use me to answer another's prayer. I ask that you direct me to the place, the person or persons whose needs you have gifted me to answer. Thank you in Jesus Name."

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